About Me

Hernando Fernandez is a Miami-based real estate investor, entrepreneur and self-described “Blockchain evangelist.”

Currently, Fernandez serves in several leadership positions, including as Cofounder at U.S. Land Association, as CEO at Blockchain consultancy GrillSoft, and as Founder at Cash Flow Dominator.

Originally from Colombia, Hernando Fernandez began his career as a real estate loan officer in 2005. Since then, Fernandez has purchased hundreds of properties throughout the state of Florida, focusing specifically on vacant land. His real estate experience also includes foreclosures, short sales, tax deeds, tax liens, private lending and wholesaling.

Fernandez first discovered the disruptive power of Blockchain tech in 2016, and has since made it his mission to spread insight and information of Blockchain and its potential across social media and throughout Latin America.


Hernando Fernández Portfolio